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"It's important for us to be on Keystone's that students can find our programs"

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-Odile Soulard

International Development and Communication Coordinator

IGR-IAE Rennes

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We work with over 5,500 institutions around the world. Learn how our partners have increased their visibility and enrollment with Keystone.

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"Eight percent of all the enrolled students learned about our offer thanks to Keystone."

-Erica Ribechini, International Cooperation Unit


"In 2020 we got 45 enrollments only with Keystone’s platforms … this is double the amount compared to other platforms that we work with."

-Markel Lezana Escribano, International Department

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"As for contacts (leads) they really have been boosted by our partnership with Keystone."

-Odile Soulard, International Development and Communication Coordinator

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