Student Recruitment Strategies

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While student recruitment is a vital component leading to the success of a school, research shows that less than half of all higher education institutions have a clear strategy that guides the development of their recruitment efforts. This is hardly surprising, given the rapid expansion of recruitment needs and the numerous, and variably efficient, tools available. Perhaps the most important, but still widely untapped resource for student recruitment is the internet. Face-to-face techniques, like Open Days and fairs are still effective methods of recruiting students, but online and e-recruitment strategies are quickly becoming the most successful ways to engage with prospective students. These methods become even more important when a school wants to recruit internationally. But not all digital recruitment strategies are worth the effort or the cost, and what works for one school will not necessarily work for another.

That’s why at Keystone Academic Solutions, we work with you to analyze your recruitment needs and create your ideal student recruitment strategy. Our proven digital recruitment tools can be customized to your institution’s size, location, and goals and we provide ongoing review of the success of your strategies. This means you can see in real-time who’s seeing your profile and searching for your programs. Keystone gives you the ability to identify your optimal student demographics and target them directly with relevant recruitment methods that will engage qualified students. And our specialized recruitment tools let you react to changes in your institutional goals and the evolving trends in student search habits.

Keystone knows that student recruitment has a direct impact on the sustainability and success of your school. And we understand the challenge of balancing the need to increase the number of qualified applicants while improving the quality of your student body. Alongside the rising cost of recruitment, universities and schools face an increasingly selective potential student base. Keystone’s strategies allow you to reach your performance standards goals, without compromising your expectations. When you choose Keystone Academic Solutions for your student recruitment strategy, we promise to help you promote excellence and diversity across your student population, and we offer the industry’s highest return on investment. Our student recruitment specialists know that when colleges and universities connect with the right students, everyone succeeds.


International Student Recruitment

At Keystone Academic Solutions we understand the complexities of international student recruitment.

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How to recruit students

Student recruitment often feels like an attempt to ‘sell’ your college or university to a student and convince them to purchase your product – their education.  

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Student recruitment agencies

Universities must constantly balance the need to enroll more students so that they can continue to provide excellent services. 

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