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Student recruitment is not a new development within the higher education sector. Universities and schools have always used recruitment strategies to maintain and grow their student bodies, but the shift towards digital media means that more schools and institutions are relying on software and IT for their recruitment and admissions needs. And their efforts are paying off. Twenty-first century students are, in a word, connected. Almost every aspect of the modern student’s life is linked to technology, and the most effective way to engage with prospective students is through online digital platforms.

According to industry research, web-based tools and strategies are the best way for universities to recruit and admit students. Email campaigns, user-friendly websites, and online recruitment produce the best results for schools hoping to reach the widest, most qualified students. But digital recruitment strategies and admissions software require a lot of maintenance and technological expertise. Even schools with dedicated recruitment IT teams will find that the time and effort needed to develop and optimize institutional recruitment and admissions software can be daunting.

Your student recruitment software should not be a preoccupation that takes time and money away from more personal recruitment efforts. That’s why Keystone Academic Solutions has developed the intuitive recruitment administration center, SmartHub. SmartHub is a customized recruitment software that handles all of your student recruitment needs and equips you with all the right tools to find and connect with the most qualified students. With SmartHub you can communicate with prospective students, analyze traffic and program-specific demographics, manage the programs you are promoting, and see the success of your marketing campaigns in real time.

Keystone has been a leader in higher education digital marketing since 2007. Your Keystone SmartHub gives you direct access to our experience in online student recruitment. And our user-friendly system integrates directly with your existing system. With Keystone, your student recruitment challenges disappear, leaving you free to focus on the individual needs of your students.

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