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Community colleges have been a mainstay of higher education in the United States for decades. But the profiles of community colleges and their students are changing rapidly. Community colleges, which often offer more specific courses and smaller class sizes, are increasingly attractive to students looking for quality education and a positive ROI. And community colleges, which once served an almost exclusively local market, are now recruiting and attracting students from much further afield. But these changes do not come without their own challenges. While students may recognize that the low cost of tuition and smaller student populations of community colleges are a major benefit, the sheer number of community colleges makes it difficult for individual schools to compete on a state, national, or even international level.

Community colleges may have the vision and resources to offer university-sized services to students, but in order to succeed, they need to recruit the right students. And while community colleges often have experience with student recruitment, their existing strategies and resources for local recruitment may not translate effectively as recruitment needs grow and expand. Outward-looking community colleges need recruitment strategies that highlight their unique characteristics and build on their student-centered services.

Keystone Academic Solutions offers all of the tools you need to create and maintain an optimized community college recruitment strategy, without all the hassle. Keystone has more than a decade of experience and our student recruitment services can be customized to your needs. Whether your institution is looking to expand its local appeal, recruit within a wider domestic market, or attract international students, Keystone’s student recruitment services help you build your brand and increase your reach. Listing your school or program with Keystone means that students find you through organic search results, and our custom-built profile pages connect qualified students directly with your admissions office.

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