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With more than 850 institutions that can issue degrees or offer courses that lead to degrees, higher education in the UK is a competitive market. The UK is also known for its high education standards, wide degree recognition and levels of student satisfaction. British universities attract students from all over the world, as do many of the country’s colleges of further and higher education. But British colleges face unique challenges when it comes to recruitment of both domestic and international students.

The wide variety of British colleges of further and higher education means that each individual institution must assess its specific recruitment needs and identify its ideal student market. Some colleges seek to attract a broad spectrum of students ranging from sixth-form students to adult learners, while others will focus on a very distinct group of potential applicants for vocational or arts programs. Similarly, a college’s recruitment strategy will vary depending on target student demographics, method of instruction, length of study, and entrance requirements.

With so many variables in play for UK college recruitment, it is important to choose the right tools and partner for your recruitment strategies. Avoid a one-size-fits-all approach and choose Keystone Academic Solutions. Our custom-made recruitment strategies are designed for your needs and our team of international specialists have the skills and experience necessary to find the best solutions for your college.

Keystone has been a leader in international and domestic student recruitment for more than a decade. We help you identify the students that have the most potential to succeed and our targeted recruitment strategies let you concentrate your efforts on the most qualified applicants, simplifying the process and letting you focus on providing excellent service. We work with colleges and institutions of all sizes and the Keystone team is always ready to offer new solutions when you need them. 

International Student Recruitment

At Keystone Academic Solutions we understand the complexities of international student recruitment.

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How to Recruit Students

Student recruitment often feels like an attempt to ‘sell’ your college or university to a student and convince them to purchase your product – their education.  

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Student Recruitment Agencies

Universities must constantly balance the need to enroll more students so that they can continue to provide excellent services. 

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