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On the surface, student recruitment may appear to resemble traditional sales. Essentially, student recruitment is an attempt to ‘sell’ your college or university to a student and convince them to purchase your product – their education. But for modern students, higher education is much more than a simple commodity. A college degree is an identity. A college degree is an investment. A college degree is their future.

And to further complicate matters, millennial consumers are increasingly wary of traditional marketing techniques and are far more focused on quality, value and integrity. In short, recruiting twenty-first-century students requires a lot more than flashy advertisements or a smooth sales pitch. The key to modern student recruitment is Engagement. Your potential students are looking to engage directly, on a personal level, with every institution they encounter. They expect those engagements to be genuine and informative. And they often ignore obvious marketing ploys. For university recruitment professionals, this new generation of students presents a unique and exciting challenge.

At Keystone Academic Solutions we have embraced the challenge of recruiting millennial students. Everything we do is optimized to provide students with a meaningful and tangible recruitment experience. Keystone’s unique strategy aims to engage students at the earliest point in their higher education search by tapping into organic, non-branded queries, and we make programs and schools visible in more than forty languages, so that students can find your profile no matter where they are located. This means that students find programs and schools listed on Keystone’s websites the way they find all their information – at the top of their search results in all the most popular search engines. Students trust Keystone because our carefully and individually designed profile pages present relevant resources related to their interests without any unnecessary advertising or gimmicks. Your clean, easily-accessible profile will invite students to contact your admissions officers, and our tailored recruitment system ensures that those enquiries come from qualified, potential students.

Keystone has been recruiting students for universities and schools around the world since 2007. During the last decade, technology and students have changed dramatically, and Keystone has the experience to continue adapting to and anticipating the needs of students and institutions. Our data-driven recruitment strategies resonate with students because we prioritize fresh ideas and innovative solutions, and our services respond to changes in the student recruitment landscape. With Keystone as your recruitment partner, you will always have the right solutions for recruiting the right students. 

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