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Higher Education Student Recruitment

If you are a higher education professional, it is likely that you have a vested interest in student recruitment. Students are the key to the success of a college or university, and ultimately, working in higher education means that you are working first and foremost for the students. Students want to attend institutions that will help them achieve their academic goals, and institutions want to attract students that will succeed. Students need to find universities and schools that provide the services and credentials that lead to lucrative careers, and colleges need to find students who can excel in the programs and environment they offer. Students look for institutions that match their identities as individuals, and universities and colleges look for students who will graduate and promote the school’s brand through their achievements. And recruitment is the way that students and universities find the right match.

But student recruitment is more than simply matching a student profile with a corresponding institution. There are numerous factors that influence both students’ choices and their potential for success. Good student recruitment strategies address all of these factors so that students have everything they need to make informed choices.

Student recruitment has never been easy, but with digital technology dominating our communications and interactions, strategies for recruiting students have become increasingly complicated. Almost every higher education institution now uses some form of digital technology to recruit prospective students, and recruitment professionals report allocating larger portions of their budgets and efforts to online and digital marketing. But student recruitment does not need to be complicated or expensive. Keystone Academic Solutions is your one-stop-shop for all your student recruitment and marketing needs. Students have been using Keystone’s interactive websites to find schools for more than a decade. Our user-friendly, all-inclusive recruitment system makes reaching out to and engaging with students easy and our multilingual website ensures that your institution gets maximum visibility. Keystone’s custom-built recruitment system caters to your needs, freeing you from the daily hassles of student recruitment and ensuring that the right students find your programs.

International Student Recruitment for Universities in 2018

International education is one of the largest and fastest growing economic sectors in the world. Increased access to primary and secondary education, as well as growing wealth and employment opportunities means that the world’s student population is more mobile that it has ever been before, and overseas study now ranks among the most important markers for graduate success. The number of outward-bound students from China has risen to over 700,000 per year, and India is now sending nearly 200,000 students abroad on an annual basis. With numbers like these it’s no wonder that international student recruitment has become a focal point for university admissions offices. International students represent a valuable and dynamic potential for universities, but recruiting students from abroad comes with its own unique challenges. As the demand for international education grows, so do the needs of university admissions offices, and Keystone Academic Solutions has the tools to launch your international student recruitment plan.

At Keystone Academic Solutions we understand the complexities of international student recruitment, and with more than a decade of experience our team comes prepared to handle all of your recruitment needs. We provide a recruitment plan custom-made for your individual institution and our system produces the highest conversion rates for qualified enquires at an exceptional value. We tackle the challenges of international student recruitment and address common admissions issues with a multifaceted approach to your marketing and communication. Our tailor-made recruitment system is easy to use and optimized to your enrollment goals.

Since 2002, Keystone Academic Solutions has offered a comprehensive approach for international recruitment and admissions that eliminates the hassles associated with international student communication. Keystone’s multilingual strategy means that your school will have maximum exposure in relevant student markets. You can save time and money with our integrated systems that help you target and engage with only the most qualified students, making the admissions workday easier and more efficient. Stop wasting time with unqualified enquiries and let Keystone Academic Solutions do the work for you. We custom-design your recruitment tools so that your admissions personnel will be able to identify potential student markets instantly, streamline the enquiry process and reduce the manual workload. And, most importantly, Keystone’s focus on individualized recruitment plans means that you will be able to concentrate on what really matters: making students’ college dreams become a reality.

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International University Student Recruitment

It is easy to assume that student recruitment strategies apply equally to both domestic and international students, but non-international student recruitment presents its own set of unique challenges. While both domestic and international students consider the value of their educational prospects and look for a solid return on their investment, domestic students, particularly those in the United States and the United Kingdom, are increasingly concerned about their prospects post-graduation compared to the growing cost of higher education. Trends in the sector indicate that students are more discerning when it comes to the career potential of degrees, are more critical of the cost of education, and feel obliged to justify their investment, both financially and personally, in a degree. Furthermore, the demographics of prospective students are changing. Universities are seeing growing numbers of applications from non-traditional students, first-generation students, and transfer students, which means that many ‘tried-and-true’ recruitment strategies no longer produce the same results as they did in the past. And with recruitment intimately tied to enrollment, student retention, and the profile of an institution, college recruitment officers are under a lot of pressure to generate qualified applications while meeting recruitment goals. It is no wonder then, that so many recruitment strategies can feel overly complicated and chaotic.

Fortunately, student recruitment does not need to be time-consuming or cumbersome. At Keystone Academic Solutions, we have devised a comprehensive student recruitment system that captures student searches early in the process and brings students directly to your institution. You don’t need to chase prospective applicants. Instead, Keystone’s recruitment strategies ensure that qualified students from your target groups find your school and programs effortlessly. Schools listed on our interactive website have the potential to reach millions of students every month, while our personalized marketing solutions like Lingua and Geo Targeting allow you to concentrate your efforts on only the most relevant demographics.

Keystone has been connecting the right students with the right schools for more than a decade. Our inclusive recruitment packages can be tailor-made to suit any goal and any budget. Keystone’s unique strategies allow you to prioritize specific regions or languages and boost the visibility of programs that match student search trends. Our trusted recruitment solutions offer superior value and our built-in analytics let you quickly see what works so that you can increase your chances of reaching out to the best students for your programs. Keystone understands that for modern students, the ultimate recruitment tool is a positive experience and individual attention. We concentrate on steering all of your online digital recruitment needs, leaving your expert admissions officers free to deliver that final personalized touch.

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Student Recruitment Software (SAAS) 2018

Student recruitment is not a new development within the higher education sector. Universities and schools have always used recruitment strategies to maintain and grow their student bodies, but the shift towards digital media means that more schools and institutions are relying on software and IT for their recruitment and admissions needs. And their efforts are paying off. Twenty-first century students are, in a word, connected. Almost every aspect of the modern student’s life is linked to technology, and the most effective way to engage with prospective students is through online digital platforms.

According to industry research, web-based tools and strategies are the best way for universities to recruit and admit students. Email campaigns, user-friendly websites, and online recruitment produce the best results for schools hoping to reach the widest, most qualified students. But digital recruitment strategies and admissions software require a lot of maintenance and technological expertise. Even schools with dedicated recruitment IT teams will find that the time and effort needed to develop and optimize institutional recruitment and admissions software can be daunting.

Your student recruitment software should not be a preoccupation that takes time and money away from more personal recruitment efforts. That’s why Keystone Academic Solutions has developed the intuitive recruitment administration center, SmartHub. SmartHub is a customized recruitment software that handles all of your student recruitment needs and equips you with all the right tools to find and connect with the most qualified students. With SmartHub you can communicate with prospective students, analyze traffic and program-specific demographics, manage the programs you are promoting, and see the success of your marketing campaigns in real time.

Keystone has been a leader in higher education digital marketing since 2002. Your Keystone SmartHub gives you direct access to our experience in online student recruitment. And our user-friendly system integrates directly with your existing system. With Keystone, your student recruitment challenges disappear, leaving you free to focus on the individual needs of your students.

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Best Student Recruitment Strategies for Universities

While student recruitment is a vital component leading to the success of a school, research shows that less than half of all higher education institutions have a clear strategy that guides the development of their recruitment efforts. This is hardly surprising, given the rapid expansion of recruitment needs and the numerous, and variably efficient, tools available. Perhaps the most important, but still widely untapped resource for student recruitment is the internet. Face-to-face techniques, like Open Days and fairs are still effective methods of recruiting students, but online and e-recruitment strategies are quickly becoming the most successful ways to engage with prospective students. These methods become even more important when a school wants to recruit internationally. But not all digital recruitment strategies are worth the effort or the cost, and what works for one school will not necessarily work for another.

That’s why at Keystone Academic Solutions, we work with you to analyze your recruitment needs and create your ideal student recruitment strategy. Our proven digital recruitment tools can be customized to your institution’s size, location, and goals and we provide ongoing review of the success of your strategies. This means you can see in real-time who’s seeing your profile and searching for your programs. Keystone gives you the ability to identify your optimal student demographics and target them directly with relevant recruitment methods that will engage qualified students. And our specialized recruitment tools let you react to changes in your institutional goals and the evolving trends in student search habits.

Keystone knows that student recruitment has a direct impact on the sustainability and success of your school. And we understand the challenge of balancing the need to increase the number of qualified applicants while improving the quality of your student body. Alongside the rising cost of recruitment, universities and schools face an increasingly selective potential student base. Keystone’s strategies allow you to reach your performance standards goals, without compromising your expectations. When you choose Keystone Academic Solutions for your student recruitment strategy, we promise to help you promote excellence and diversity across your student population, and we offer the industry’s highest return on investment. Our student recruitment specialists know that when colleges and universities connect with the right students, everyone succeeds.

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How To Recruit Higher Education Students in 2017

On the surface, student recruitment may appear to resemble traditional sales. Essentially, student recruitment is an attempt to ‘sell’ your college or university to a student and convince them to purchase your product – their education. But for modern students, higher education is much more than a simple commodity. A college degree is an identity. A college degree is an investment. A college degree is their future.

And to further complicate matters, millennial consumers are increasingly wary of traditional marketing techniques and are far more focused on quality, value and integrity. In short, recruiting twenty-first-century students requires a lot more than flashy advertisements or a smooth sales pitch. The key to modern student recruitment is Engagement. Your potential students are looking to engage directly, on a personal level, with every institution they encounter. They expect those engagements to be genuine and informative. And they often ignore obvious marketing ploys. For university recruitment professionals, this new generation of students presents a unique and exciting challenge.

At Keystone Academic Solutions we have embraced the challenge of recruiting millennial students. Everything we do is optimized to provide students with a meaningful and tangible recruitment experience. Keystone’s unique strategy aims to engage students at the earliest point in their higher education search by tapping into organic, non-branded queries, and we make programs and schools visible in more than forty languages, so that students can find your profile no matter where they are located. This means that students find programs and schools listed on Keystone’s websites the way they find all their information – at the top of their search results in all the most popular search engines. Students trust Keystone because our carefully and individually designed profile pages present relevant resources related to their interests without any unnecessary advertising or gimmicks. Your clean, easily-accessible profile will invite students to contact your admissions officers, and our tailored recruitment system ensures that those enquiries come from qualified, potential students.

Keystone has been recruiting students for universities and schools around the world since 2002. During the last decade, technology and students have changed dramatically, and Keystone has the experience to continue adapting to and anticipating the needs of students and institutions. Our data-driven recruitment strategies resonate with students because we prioritize fresh ideas and innovative solutions, and our services respond to changes in the student recruitment landscape. With Keystone as your recruitment partner, you will always have the right solutions for recruiting the right students.

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Student Recruitment Agencies for Higher Education in 2017

In recent years, student recruitment has become both essential and increasingly complicated. Higher education institutions must constantly balance the need to enroll more students so that they can continue to provide excellent services and the need to enroll only the most qualified students to ensure that institutional standards remain high. Schools must also consider the changing demographics of students and the diversity of their academic needs. With students more and more conscious of the real ROI of higher education and the looming specter of student debt, there is a definite push to make higher education more accessible, affordable, and relevant to the global job market.

Alongside traditional academic structures and instructional methods, many institutions now offer extensive online and distance-learning opportunities, and many employ student recruitment agencies to manage the recruitment and enrollment of students for this new generation of programs. But the collaboration of brick-and-mortar institutions and online program management agencies brings new challenges to the student recruitment sector, and both agencies and schools can benefit from expert consultation.

Keystone Academic Solutions has been on the frontline of digital student recruitment since 2002. Our team has the combined experience and vision to provide research-driven recommendations and forward-thinking solutions for modern student recruitment plans. We understand the market and can anticipate trends, which lets you optimize your strategies to ensure that you get the most qualified enquiries. Our unlimited recruitment packages offer the best value and ensure a positive ROI for your programs. At Keystone, we work to promote your programs organically, so that no matter where your prospective students are located, no matter what their academic goals, you will find the right students to build and succeed in your school.

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Recruitment for US Colleges

Community colleges have been a mainstay of higher education in the United States for decades. But the profiles of community colleges and their students are changing rapidly. Community colleges, which often offer more specific courses and smaller class sizes, are increasingly attractive to students looking for quality education and a positive ROI. And community colleges, which once served an almost exclusively local market, are now recruiting and attracting students from much further afield. But these changes do not come without their own challenges. While students may recognize that the low cost of tuition and smaller student populations of community colleges are a major benefit, the sheer number of community colleges makes it difficult for individual schools to compete on a state, national, or even international level.

Community colleges may have the vision and resources to offer university-sized services to students, but in order to succeed, they need to recruit the right students. And while community colleges often have experience with student recruitment, their existing strategies and resources for local recruitment may not translate effectively as recruitment needs grow and expand. Outward-looking community colleges need recruitment strategies that highlight their unique characteristics and build on their student-centered services.

Keystone Academic Solutions offers all of the tools you need to create and maintain an optimized community college recruitment strategy, without all the hassle. Keystone has more than a decade of experience and our student recruitment services can be customized to your needs. Whether your institution is looking to expand its local appeal, recruit within a wider domestic market, or attract international students, Keystone’s student recruitment services help you build your brand and increase your reach. Listing your school or program with Keystone means that students find you through organic search results, and our custom-built profile pages connect qualified students directly with your admissions office.

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Recruitment for UK Colleges

With more than 850 institutions that can issue degrees or offer courses that lead to degrees, higher education in the UK is a competitive market. The UK is also known for its high education standards, wide degree recognition and levels of student satisfaction. British universities attract students from all over the world, as do many of the country’s colleges of further and higher education. But British colleges face unique challenges when it comes to recruitment of both domestic and international students.

The wide variety of British colleges of further and higher education means that each individual institution must assess its specific recruitment needs and identify its ideal student market. Some colleges seek to attract a broad spectrum of students ranging from sixth-form students to adult learners, while others will focus on a very distinct group of potential applicants for vocational or arts programs. Similarly, a college’s recruitment strategy will vary depending on target student demographics, method of instruction, length of study, and entrance requirements.

With so many variables in play for UK college recruitment, it is important to choose the right tools and partner for your recruitment strategies. Avoid a one-size-fits-all approach and choose Keystone Academic Solutions. Our custom-made recruitment strategies are designed for your needs and our team of international specialists have the skills and experience necessary to find the best solutions for your college.

Keystone has been a leader in international and domestic student recruitment for more than a decade. We help you identify the students that have the most potential to succeed and our targeted recruitment strategies let you concentrate your efforts on the most qualified applicants, simplifying the process and letting you focus on providing excellent service. We work with colleges and institutions of all sizes and the Keystone team is always ready to offer new solutions when you need them.

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