Automatic Student Qualification & Lead Routing

Qualify, filter and sort your student enquiries automatically with Prospect.

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student qualification and lead routing Find the best student prospects in seconds


Managing student leads can be daunting, especially when trying to determine which ones should be prioritized first or require extra attention.

With Prospect, the hassle of trying to figure this out is taken care of instantly!

Prospect ensures that your leads are scored according to your own requirements and directed to the correct person immediately – all in a single step! 

Prospect is perfect for:

  • Program and course coordinators 

  • Country or regional managers

  • Admissions teams 

  • Recruitment specialists 

  • Teams working across multiple time zones

How Prospect Works

Qualify and score your leads

Focus on the students that are most important to you right now
Knowing which leads need to be prioritized first is an important part of handling student communications, but can be difficult to carry out. With Prospect, you can easily create your own criteria to qualify and score incoming student leads, turning this process into an automatic one, and making sure the best leads are never missed.

Sort and Filter in Seconds

Prospect’s sorting and filtering functions make it easy for you to segment your student leads in just a few clicks. Want to announce a scholarship to students from a specific country or retouch leads from a few months ago – with Prospect, you can find these students within seconds and send them an email update within minutes, not hours!

Full Transparency - Great for Teams

With SmartHub, your team is able to have a global view of all your student leads in one place. Prospect takes this one step further, allowing you to assign specific contacts to different team members, write comments and notify each other regarding the status of leads in the recruitment funnel. Prospect makes management of student leads simple, ensuring that no one in your team gets left out of the loop!

Automatic Lead Assignment

If you have a team or multiple individuals that are involved with communicating with leads, Prospect makes routing your leads an automatic process.

Prospect uses automation to eliminate time consuming administrative processes – from lead scoring to filtering and sorting to routing – everything is under control!

Your Benefits 

  • Easily and efficiently handle hundreds of prospects.
  • Qualify and manage your student leads.
  • Stay up to date on the progress of student leads.
  • Maximize your application potential.

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