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Qualify, filter and sort your student enquiries
Automatic Student Qualification & Lead Routing
Qualify, filter and sort your student enquiries automatically with Prospect. Prospect uses automation to eliminate time consuming administrative processes – from lead scoring to filtering and sorting to routing – everything is under control!
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Find the best student prospects instantly

Managing student leads can be a daunting task, especially when trying to identify which lead should be prioritized. Prospect helps you score your leads according to your own requirements. It is a great tool for program coordinators, country managers, admission teams, recruitment specialists and teams working in different time zones.  

How Prospect Works 

Prospect helps you create your own criteria to qualify and score incoming student leads, and automates the process so that you never miss an important lead.  

Sort and Filter in Seconds 

Prospect’s sorting and filtering functions make it easy for you to segment your student leads in just a few clicks. Want to announce a scholarship to students from a specific country or retouch leads from a few months ago – with Prospect, these kind of tasks can be done in matter of seconds. 

Full Transparency - Great for Teams 

With SmartHub, your team can have a global view of all your student leads in one place. Prospect takes this one step further, allowing you to assign specific contacts to specific team members. Prospect makes management of student leads simple, ensuring that no one in your team gets left out of the loop! 

Automatic Lead Assignment 

If you have a team or multiple individuals that are involved with communicating with leads, Prospect makes routing your leads an automatic process.

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Key Benefits
  • Easily and efficiently handle hundreds of prospects
  • Qualify and manage your student leads
  • Stay up to date on the progress of student leads
  • Maximize your application potential
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imc krems
“Since we have been working together with Keystone we have been very pleased with the cooperation and the outcome. Monthly analyses come automatically and are very detailed. We will definitely continue our fruitful business.”
IMC Krems - University of Applied Sciences
“I have found Keystone to be a very good lead generator for us with a high level of customer service behind it.”
RIT - Rochester Institute of Technology
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