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smarthub student communication Improve your student communication with SmartHub

SmartHub, our web-based platform, allows you to communicate with students from wherever you are in the world. In the office, at a conference, travelling abroad – login from anywhere and begin communicating with students in seconds.

Communication is one of the most important aspects of the student recruitment process, especially when it comes to transforming leads into students. Effective communication can be a challenge, especially when teams are handling large volumes of student enquiries.

With basic SmartHub access, your team will gain access to a variety of powerful communication and metrics tools.

Increase Your Student Engagement 

All Keystone marketing packages include:

Fully customizable templates

During the initial enquiry process, the questions asked by potential students are often very similar (tuition, scholarships, application process questions). Using the Templates tool, your team can quickly set up email templates in SmartHub, giving you the freedom to customize your student communication any way you want. With just a few clicks, your student communication is handled, freeing up time to complete other tasks! 

Chat with your potential students

Using Communicator, you can chat with prospective students, monitor their responses and respond to them in real-time. Modern students are used to fast, text-based communication. SmartHub gives you the tools to keep the conversation going on their terms, without having to juggle different apps, devices, or emails. Use SmartHub to simplify your student communication and add the personal touches that show you are ready to help each qualified student make the most important decision of their life. 

Social media and telephone verification

SmartHub includes built-in technology that provides telephone and social media verification, saving you time when contacting students directly. Never waste time calling an incorrect telephone number again! 

Streamlined easy-to-use interface

Stay on top of your student communication with our streamlined interface, combining all email communications in a simple and easy-to-read interface. Never lose an email or potential student lead again!

Visualize your traffic analytics

Use the SmartHub metrics dashboard to monitor impressions, clicks, and qualified student leads from your Keystone listings. See advanced demographics including desired start dates, age, and more.

Your Benefits  

  • Increase student lead response time. 
  • Provide tailored communication to large volumes of enquiries. 
  • Automatically prepare reports to share with colleagues and upper management. 
  • Keep track of marketing progress with individual traffic analytics. 

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