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Reduce your manual workload by up to 70%.

Use marketing automation to streamline your student marketing and communicate effectively with potential students. 

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Streamline your prospective student leads 

If you run a variety of marketing activities, it can be difficult to keep track of them all. SmartHub will help your team keep track and automatically pull your student marketing from various channels.

Instant, personalized communication

Answer students 24 hours a day

ENGAGE handles all of your student questions automatically, 24/7, regardless of time zones.

Provide personalized responses

Communication is highly personalized, with custom responses available to each student. ENGAGE corresponds with your leads for you until you decide it's time to take over and bring in a human touch. 



Student Lead Management Made Easy!

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Maximize your application potential

Easily and efficiently manage hundreds of prospects with PROSPECT, our customizable lead management system. Use our automation to find the time to focus on students that are most important to you right now. 

Sort, assign and filter

Quickly find the student leads you want to work on in seconds with advanced lead management functionality. 

Communicate with your team

Assign enquiries to specific team members and communicate within SmartHub with ease. 

Marketing Automation for Higher Education

Nurture student leads down the recruitment funnel

Fully automate your marketing efforts and reduce your student communications workload, turning leads from general enquiries into fully qualified prospective students. 

Complete 7x more daily tasks

SmartHub marketing automation software will forever change how you handle your student marketing and communication, freeing up time for you to focus on providing more personalized attention to students who are in the later stages of their recruitment journey. 

Forget repetitive manual tasks

Never waste time conducting onerous email and marketing tasks again. Our automation will save you hours every week! 

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Improve your student recruitment


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