Reduce Your Marketing Costs

One of the biggest benefits of digital marketing is the overall price. Many of our partners spend more on a single recruitment trip than they do with a single year of Keystone promotion! 

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reduced marketing costs Benefits of Online Marketing 

Online marketing is highly cost effective, and when done correctly, can reach a larger, more specified demographic. Our services can connect you to students from countries all over the world every day, with the setup handled by our dedicated Customer Success team!

All-inclusive marketing solutions 

Keystone’s digital solutions are all-inclusive. Cost per click (CPC), pay per click (PPC), variable budgets – these costs don’t add up with Keystone. To make it simple for everyone, we combine our marketing into one easy-to-manage subscription fee, allowing you to organize your budgets with ease, and focus on the important part – reaching your potential students!

Price comparison – we win every time!

When it comes to comparison with our competitors, you will quickly see the benefit of our comprehensive marketing packages. Your SmartHub gives you access to all your impressions, clicks, and student enquiries in one easy-to-manage location – break that down into the equivalent CPC, CPL spend of any other competitor and you will see why we are the global leader in higher education marketing.

The highest conversion rates in higher education

Why? Because your Keystone Customer Success Manager will help you develop and implement marketing strategies that are right for your school. Our cooperation is meant to be a true partnership, and we are always on hand to provide assistance – so take advantage!

Powerful Benefits 

  • Easy-to-manage subscription fees - no hidden costs!
  • Verifiable results - be data driven with included SmartHub software.
  • Full transparency & accountability.

 1500 Global University Partners

"We've been working with Keystone for a while now and I must say we consider the cooperation fruitful. Every month we get several serious applicants for our English-instructed programs and Keystone allows us give them valuable first hand information, thus easing the whole application and administration process."

Matyáš Strnad, University of Hradec Králové, Czech Republic


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