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Focus your marketing efforts towards specific countries and regions with our customizable Geographic Targeting solutions.

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reach students in their language

Reach students in their language

Promoting your institution online to foreign students can be tricky when so many languages are involved. With Keystone, our promotions are not restricted to English, and with optimization for organic search in 33+ languages, your marketing will benefit from a diverse range of potential new students.

According to the European Commission, 9 in 10 people in the EU say that when given a choice, they use websites in their own language. Keystone’s localized websites make your school and program information visible in 46+ languages and capture local searches in all the major search engines.


Customized Marketing to Fit Your Target Audience

When you select one of our Geo Targeting packages, our team will work with you to create a customized target audience focusing on your desired student market. We make sure your programs are visible to the right students when we promote your programs. 

Fully Optimized for Global Search Engines 

Our websites are optimized for online search in 33+ languages, making sure that students can find your programs in their own language, wherever they are in the world. Take advantage of our expertise in SEO today. 

Common Geographic Targeting Examples

  • Regional focus: South-East Asia, North America, Sub-Saharan Africa, Baltics.

  • Economic Groupings: Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) countries.

  • Shared language markets: Latin America, Spanish or francophone nations.

  • Historically relevant groupings: Commonwealth of Independent State (CIS) countries, Former Soviet union (FSU).

  • Customized: Select any grouping of countries based upon your preferences.

5 Reasons to Choose Geographic Targeting 

  • Customizable to your needs - Focus on the countries you want to target.
  • Excellent for testing promotion in new student markets.
  • Flexible - your chosen countries can be changed at any time.
  • Cost effective - efficient spend of your budget with targeted marketing.
  • Full visibility -  analytics including Impressions, Clicks and Qualified Student Enquiries are available in SmartHub.

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