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Keystone Higher Education News: Student Tips (2)

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Does Your School Have Brand Ambassadors?

Studies have long shown that word-of-mouth recommendations are some of the most lucrative ways to increase applications coming into a college or university. Word of mouth..

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6 Elements to Enhance the Digital Course Catalog

Technology has changed the way prospective college students discover and engage with their future institutions. From virtual tours and Zoom interviews to YouTube videos and..

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How to future proof your student recruitment against coronavirus

As Coronavirus spreads throughout the world and changes our everyday way of life, so does the face of international higher education. With the situation escalating daily, it is..

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Why Higher Ed Needs to Better Prioritize Wellness

New studies are suggesting that modern students are facing increased stress and mental pressure, as the incidence of reported mental health issues on campuses rises. While..

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The 2018 Summer Reading List for International Student Advisers

Summer is the perfect time for reading! Whether you are using the lull between summer and autumn sessions to catch up on all the news and developments in international higher..

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Are You Ready for Your International Arrivals?

Between summer school and the autumn intake, we’re fast approaching the time of year when a lot of new international students arrive on campus. Naturally, as an international..

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