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The 2018 Summer Reading List for International Student Advisers

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Summer is the perfect time for reading! Whether you are using the lull between summer and autumn sessions to catch up on all the news and developments in international higher education, looking for an inspiring read to get you ready for new challenges, or aiming for something lighthearted yet meaningful to take to the beach, our Summer Reading list has you covered.

Are You Ready for Your International Arrivals?

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Between summer school and the autumn intake, we’re fast approaching the time of year when a lot of new international students arrive on campus. Naturally, as an international administrator, your to-do list is under control, and you're well on course for a smooth registration period and an exciting start to the semester. But with all the hard work that’s gone into wooing, registering, and preparing for your international arrivals, there might be a few practical details that you've overlooked. Check this list before your students arrive and your international intake will be simple.

How to Turn Your Summer Intake Into Successful Graduates

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A summer school full of students is a receptive audience just waiting to form a longer relationship with your institution. Here’s how you can implement strategies that will translate your summer intake into successful graduates.