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College Counseling 101

College counselors play a crucial role in helping students get the most out of their college experience and stay healthy while they're there. One issue that counselors in the..

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Keystone Academic Solutions and Educations Media Group (EMG) Announce Merger

The newly merged company Keystone Education Group (KEG) will become the leading global online resource for prospective higher education students, with annual unique student user..

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Keystone launches new scholarship program

For many students across the world, one of the greatest barriers to higher education is how to obtain the necessary funding to pay for their studies. University can be expensive,..

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Keystone Academic Solutions acquires FindAUniversity

Expanded Search Options for Students and Enhanced Student Reach and Insights for Higher Ed Institutions

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How to Effortlessly Make the Switch to Remote Work

Like many companies and organisations around the world, here at Keystone we have had to quickly adapt our working life in the face of the coronavirus outbreak. One of the most..

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Keystone launches website redesign

Generation Z — the digital native generation following the millennials — accounts for more than 30% of the world's population. In 2020, a majority of university enrollments will..

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