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Keystone Higher Education News: Higher Education Marketing (5)

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Beyond COVID-19: What's Next in International Higher Education?

2020 is a year that has changed the course of higher education and the world forever. When the pandemic struck universities around the world in March, most were unprepared for the..

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How To Use Video For Student Recruitment

  Today’s prospective students live in an immersive world of video content, whether watching videos on YouTube, endlessly flicking through Instagram Stories or scrolling through..

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Higher Ed Influencers 2020: Who to Follow

The marketing and technology world is moving at an ever-changing pace. University and college marketers need to pay close attention to the latest trends to ensure they can stay at..

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Best University Social Media Accounts 2020

If the first half of the year has reminded us of anything, it is that the nature of higher education is always changing. However, one thing that is certain is that social media..

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Getting Started: Higher Ed Webinars & Virtual Events

As a new academic year beckons, universities are working hard to ensure their admissions remain strong after an uncertain start to 2020. Since the onset of coronavirus, many..

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