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Keystone Higher Education News: Higher Education Marketing (4)

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Keystone Academic Solutions acquires FindAUniversity

Expanded Search Options for Students and Enhanced Student Reach and Insights for Higher Ed Institutions

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How to improve the student journey in 2021

It is no secret this past year was historically challenging for higher education recruitment professionals worldwide. Combine Zoom fatigue, social distancing restrictions,..

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Creative ways to market MBAs

One of the most sought-after professional degrees is that of the MBA. In fact, during the height of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, "business schools all over the world are..

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6 Ways to Kickstart 2021 in Higher Ed

2020 was a challenging year, there is no doubt about it. So how can we make 2021 the best year yet? What do you plan to achieve as colleges and universities forge ahead? How will..

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Best digital strategies for lead generation in higher education

Today’s Gen-Z students spend most of their time consuming digital media, whether that’s on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or searching the web. Where once upon a time students would..

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