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Keystone Higher Education News: Higher Education Marketing (2)

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5 Ways to Enhance College Recruitment Efforts

Since the dawn of the Internet, the role of a college admissions professional has significantly changed. Of course, prospective student recruiters have always worn many hats...

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Best Practices for Retargeting in Higher Education

Studies show that students tend to favor—meaning they both apply and enroll—universities that reach out to them to show an interest in their educational future. Making a good..

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6 Elements to Enhance the Digital Course Catalog

Technology has changed the way prospective college students discover and engage with their future institutions. From virtual tours and Zoom interviews to YouTube videos and..

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How to Get Your School on More ‘College Wish Lists’

What is the key to maintaining a good application rate at any school? Getting the formula right may seem tricky at times, but more often than not it involves mastery of simple..

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