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Three Ways International Advisors Can Improve Cultural Competency



International students are increasingly multicultural, so recruitment must be too. Recruiting culturally diverse students requires adaptability, creativity, and flexible communication skills.
Is your cultural competency ready for 2019? This article outlines some techniques and strategies that can help you and your institution master cultural competency starting with the recruitment stage and following your students through to success.

How Your Marketing and Recruitment Strategy Can Help Students Find the Right Funding Options



Universities are always on the lookout for the best and brightest students. However, the most talented candidates don’t always have access to the funds they need. In fact, many qualified students may not apply to college simply because they lack access to funding as well as awareness about funding options. But it doesn’t have to be that way -- especially when universities take steps to reverse the trend. Read on for a closer look at how your recruitment strategy can help link prospective students with vital college funding.

Your Social Media and Marketing Strategy For Business Students



Business students make for a good case study when developing marketing and admissions strategies, since they know what they want and can be clearer in expressing their needs than other students, who may be unsure about their field of study or degree goals.

Let us take a moment to review current trends and practices in student recruitment and take a look at some new ideas that are re-energizing the business education sector.

How To Prepare Business Students For The New Economy

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New jobs, skills, and education go hand-in-hand with a new economy. The latter is a phrase that has been bandied about for a couple of decades now – and it’s finally coming to fruition as new, high-growth, high-tech industries take the reins of GDP growth and drive it forward. Today’s business schools have a responsibility to prepare their students for tomorrow’s challenges – and prospective students will flock to those institutions that do so.

The Case for Diversity Management in Higher Education

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This year’s NAFSA 2018 Annual Conference & Expo is quickly approaching. This year’s theme? “Diverse Voices, Shared Commitment.” While the diversity imperative -- and the multitude of perspectives it supports -- is well-known in higher education, the successful cultivation of diversity is not as simple as recruiting more international students to college campuses. Colleges and universities must also support their wants, needs and goals once they arrive. Enter diversity management.

Here’s a closer look at diversity management, why it matters, and how to support diversity.

10 Years After The Global Financial Crisis: The Purpose Of Business Schools in 2018

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Today’s b-school students have a very different collective outlook than those of a decade ago. While they may once have been driven largely by money and status, another factor is increasingly important to the next generation of business leaders. Here's a look at how the global financial crisis of the noughties has shaped and directed business schools and business students of the twenty-first century.

How Can Community Colleges Attract More International Students

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We are at a critical moment for community colleges in the US. Recruitment is on the rise (foreign enrolments in community colleges are up 8% in a decade), but bold ideas are needed to capitalize on a market in which four-year colleges have soared ahead with a 40% upturn. For the community college sector of higher education, 2018 is the moment to adjust expectations and gear up for a serious new look at this exciting and developing market. Here's a look at how to poise your community college for international enrollments.

How Can Business Schools Train Better Leaders



How do we identify and shape tomorrow's business leader? It's a question that business schools and programs around the world ask themselves every day. Like the rest of the business world, leadership is changing and evolving at a rapid pace and the ideal education - and skillset - for the leaders of the future needs to keep pace. Read on to find out how business schools can recruit - and create - business professionals ideally suited for the leadership needs of the twenty-first century.

Five Things International College Recruiters Need to Know About Generation Z



While Millennials have certainly captured the spotlight in recent discussions about generational differences, they’re far from the only demographic that matters today. When it comes to the outlook for higher education, in fact, another generation stands to have a major impact. We’re talking about “Generation Z,” AKA people born between the early 1990s and the mid-2000s who are now between 5 and 19 years old. What do these up-and-comers prioritize when it comes higher ed? Here’s a closer look at five key questions that will inform international recruitment moving forward.

How is Technology Changing International Recruitment?

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Last month, higher education professionals from around the world met at the annual APAIE Conference and Exhibition in Singapore. The ‘gateway to Asia’ was an ideal destination for APAIE 2018’s guiding theme: ‘The Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on Higher Education in the Asia Pacific.' Delegates were keen to learn how regional economic growth and a swelling middle class are making that gateway an interesting route for international student traffic heading into and out of Asia. Read on to find out how this dynamic region is shaping the future of international student recruitment and the international education sector in and outside the Asia Pacific.