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Recruit. Enroll. Thrive

Ellen Young 10/01/22 11:00

Get a head start on your 2022 student recruitment 


In the world of international student recruitment, building awareness and visibility online has been inte- gral to the successful promotion of the partner schools and universities we work with.

Today, the market for higher education has evolved to become much more competitive and globalised, creating the need for more advanced and tailored marketing strategies. The emergence of Generation Z (“Gen Z”) as a key recruitment demographic has also created new challenges. Born into a digital world, Gen Z are advanced users of technology, simultaneously communicating across multiple platforms with ease every day. Expecting no less from their marketing interactions, their expectations are more discern- ing than ever before.

To differentiate themselves against the competition, universities must not only capture the interest of students but keep them engaged. Methods to encourage engagement such as personalization and tailored communications often can be costly and time-consuming, creating new challenges for budget-conscious educators. This is especially so when large volumes of students are involved. In anticipation of evolving market needs, Keystone is excited to share this guide which can help inspire your institution’s student recruitment as we head into 2022.

In this eBook, you'll hear from higher ed experts, be able to utilize our recruitment checklists, and follow steps to better understand prospective students, and upgrade your strategies to even include student-athletes. 

Download our free eBook, packed with the latest insights and thought leadership in the world of international student recruitment and higher education.