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How to Create New Academic Routes to Your University

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This week we celebrate International Education with a look at an innovative approach to international student recruitment. While traditional marketing tactics may center on undergraduate, or even graduate students. But thinking less about college-ready and more about college-prep. Creating diverse and adaptable new routes to your university could be the key to reaching a whole new group of students. Here's what we know about college preparatory programs for international students.

Time To Think About Generation Alpha

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American millennials birth approximately 9,000 babies every day! And those babies - Generation Alpha - won't be babies for long. Like everything else in the twenty-first century, higher education strategy has to react quickly - and predict the future. Is your strategy ready for Generation Alpha? Here's what you need to know.

Have You Optimized Your Spanish Language Strategy?

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Spanish is the most commonly spoken Romance language on the planet, and has the third largest population of speakers, after English and Mandarin. For twenty-first-century students, learning Spanish presents a wide variety of opportunities, but for many students learning Spanish is about more than grammar or conversation - modern students want to learn in Spanish, and develop skills specific to Spanish-language cultures. So, how do potential students decide to study in Spanish, and how can you optimize your marketing strategies to attract the most promising ELSE students to your programs? Read on to find out how to increase international enrollment and market to the right students.

How to Close the Gender Gap in Computer Science



Although there have been major strides forward in recent years, women are still woefully underrepresented in many strategic STEM fields. In computer science, a field pioneered by women like Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper, female enrollment is not only low - it may even be declining. Research suggests a myriad of ways to increase female engagement in computer science and STEM, and universities can be at the forefront of this with smart enrollment strategies and innovative approaches to curriculum and marketing. Today we celebrate International Day of the Girl Child with a look at how universities can support the current generation and create a foundation for girls of the future.

How to Recruit, Communicate With and Counsel International Undergraduate Students and their Parents

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A recent report from the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) suggests that counselors at US colleges and universities will benefit from multicultural competency training and other forms of professional development to more sensitively respond to the needs of the growing international student population. Here's how you can develop concrete strategies that will ensure good communication with your international recruits.

The Challenges of Cross-Cultural Communication in Higher Education Recruitment



Cross-cultural communication is a multifaceted challenge for universities and schools looking to diversify and increase international enrollments. Understanding how different cultures react to and interact with marketing approaches while developing responsive communication strategies can help. Here's how you can identify the challenges, and find the right solutions.

Make the Most of Social Media with Individualized Content



While students may not realize it, many of their decisions about higher education start on social media. Every institution should have a social media strategy that will establish a strong brand presence, but how can you make the most of your efforts? Read on to find out how to optimize your strategies through individualized content.

Get the Academics on Your Side in University Marketing

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A university is a complex beast, and potential students are a pretty varied bunch, too. Every potential recruit has their reasons for studying, and they may be most attracted to your particular institution for its facilities, its location, or its reputation, among countless other factors. Convince them that your academics are super-inspiring and the research first-rate, however, and you may have won the greatest part of the battle. Here's how you can unify your marketing goals and engage all sides of the campus.

What Are The Trends In Business Education?

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From bachelor degrees to masters and MBAs, business education is going through an exciting period of flux during 2017, as learning methods, technology, and the business world alike adapt to changing times. Here's a look at some of the trends that are exciting students and bringing new depth to business schools around the world.

The Potential of Internet of Things on Campus



Just about everyone’s heard the phrase ‘Internet of Things' (IoT) bandied about over the past couple of years, but far fewer of us have a clear idea of what it actually means – or how it will affect our daily lives. This is an important question for students and university administrators because IoT technology poses both potential and pitfalls for college campuses. Read on to find out what savvy schools need to know.