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How Universities Can Better Welcome Neurodiverse Students

Neurodiversity refers to variations in mental function that may make it difficult to learn or interact under traditional expectations. Schools and universities can and should make..

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Tips to Reduce Online Fatigue & Avoid Student Burnout

With better access to productivity tools than ever before came an increased pressure to work harder, longer, and beyond traditional work hours.    The digital age has given us a..

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Confusing Requirements? How to Ease the Student Journey

If there is one thing that students are often confused by in their educational experience, it's testing requirements and grading processes. While many educators vary in their..

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How to Make Your Virtual Graduation a Recruitment Opportunity

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an immeasurable impact on the traditions and celebrations we once loved. Accomplishments like high school or college graduations were forced online..

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How Student Motivations Should Alter Your College Marketing Strategies

Going to college has always represented opening your horizons regarding future opportunities and career fields usually reserved for college graduates. Today, when many businesses..

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Utilize Your Alumni Networks

One of the most effective tools that Universities have to their advantage is the alumni that have already attended in the past. Alumni networks serve a major purpose to..

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