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Why do more students want flexibility in their studies?

What is the one thing that most teenagers and young adults have in common in this generation? Well, today's students live in a time where they are enabled to choose from a variety..

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CRMs for Higher Education: How does it work?

Many higher education institutions have transitioned from legacy IT systems to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, to improve and streamline communications with..

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How To Win Students' Attention During Their Gap Year

For many high school students today, it is common to take a "gap year" prior to commencing higher education. While the gap year is a time for discovery and new experiences, it is..

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Why Virtual Campus Tours Work - Part 2

In our recent blog, we highlighted the benefits of the virtual campus tour, and now we'll explain ways to create them successfully. By understanding the latest technology,..

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Why Virtual Campus Tours Work - Part 1

As college campuses open their doors after a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, virtual tours are more vital than ever. How can schools stay up to date with the latest trends? While..

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Sports Recruitment in Higher Education

For those with an aptitude for athletics, sports might provide a unique pathway to higher education. In the United States, sports recruitment offers many students the opportunity..

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