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G. John Cole

John is a digital nomad and freelance writer for higher education and marketing publications. A native Englishman, he is always on the move but can most commonly be spotted in Norway, the UK and the Balkans.

Latest Posts

How is Technology Changing International Recruitment?

Last month, higher education professionals from around the world met at the annual APAIE Conference and Exhibition in Singapore.  The ‘gateway to Asia’ was an ideal destination..

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Innovate in Your Student Recruitment: 3 Solutions For 2018

NAGAP, The Association for Graduate Enrollment Management, will hold their annual conference from 11th-14th April, and progressive-minded admission professionals will literally be..

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The Strategies to Market Online Degrees

Online education is one of the fastest-growing education sectors in the world and institutions all over the world are joining the digital learning sector.  The number of students..

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The Year in Review: What 2017 Tells Us About 2018

The past twelve months have been an exciting time for those who are invested in student mobility and international education.

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Education Actors: Keep an Eye on These 4 Countries

Markets that have previously been considered easy pickings for institutions keen to maintain a steady level of international students have recently been subject to unpredicted..

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The Importance of Pre-Admissions in Your Recruitment Strategy

Nobody talks much about the pre-admission stage of student recruitment, but in fact, it is one of the most sensitive moments in the recruitment process: the 6-12 month window..

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