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How to Use Giveaways to Promote Your Institution

When it comes to students, handing out swag and hosting giveaways are great ways to put your brand directly into their hands. With students being inundated with digital..

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How To Win Students' Attention During Their Gap Year

For many high school students today, it is common to take a "gap year" prior to commencing higher education. While the gap year is a time for discovery and new experiences, it is..

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Sports Recruitment in Higher Education

For those with an aptitude for athletics, sports might provide a unique pathway to higher education. In the United States, sports recruitment offers many students the opportunity..

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An introduction to OPX

Within the last academic year, the way we participate in higher education has shifted significantly. In the past, most of universities held courses in person, with students..

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Lead Nurturing For Higher Ed

When it comes to increasing enrollment, finding and nurturing new leads is critically important for higher education. Prospective students want to feel they belong and have a..

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What is Geo-targeting?

If you’re looking for the best way to reach new audiences or attract students from specific geographic regions, it might be time to consider geo-targeting. There’s plenty of time..

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