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Student Enrollment System

Keystone’s custom-built SmartHub makes student enquiry management easy
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Student enrollment made simple

The goal of all higher education marketing strategies is to enroll and retain qualified students who will then succeed and promote their alma mater through their achievements.
These goals are important, and can be achieved through constant and personalized communication with students, an organized CRM and modern analytical tools.
Keystone Education Group provides you all the above. Starting with an intuitive enrollment system that helps you maximize the potential of your marketing strategies and transform potential enquiries into successful enrollments.
Keystone’s custom-built SmartHub makes student enquiry management easy, allowing you to collect, analyze, and quickly respond to all prospective students. You can customize SmartHub to display engagement and analytics related to your target demographics. You can also create content that will help you communicate directly to students at every step of the enquiry and enrollment process.
Fully integrable with your existing CRM system, think of SmartHub as an integral part of your marketing, admissions and conversion team.  Furthermore, you can use SmartHub's tools and features to improve efficiency, save time and track enquiries and applications as they progress through each stage of your enrollment process.  One of many key features of SmartHub is the ability to set up automated and immediate responses to common questions about your programs so that students receive replies in real time, no matter where they are in the world. 
Keystone’s student enrollment tools allow you to take the guesswork out of the marketing, such as seeing where your enquiries are coming from and a customizable dashboard for quick and easy reporting. It ensures that when it comes to admissions, you and your prospective students are a perfect match.

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