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Recruitment and marketing are important issues in higher education, but the ultimate goal of both higher education marketing and higher education recruitment is to increase the number and improve the quality of student at higher education institutions. After all, a university or school is nothing without its students. Changing social and economic factors mean that recruiting and enrolling students have become increasingly difficult, particularly when it comes to the domestic markets of many countries. Still, students throughout the world have become more discerning in relation to the ROI of higher education, online education platforms have disrupted the exiting patterns of academic activities, and more students are opting for nontraditional approaches to earning degrees and professional credentials.

It is no surprise that institutional admissions strategies have become more complicated and diverse. Colleges and universities are going to great expense to attract students, but recruitment strategies are only as good as their results and unless qualified prospective students enroll and complete their degrees, an extensive, high-cost recruitment plan is useless. Similarly, while some schools consider lowering their admissions requirements and standards to encourage applications, most higher education research suggest that this is counterproductive in both domestic and international student cohorts. It is important to remember that the actual goal of enrolling students is retention, which produces a much larger ROI for both the school and the successful students. Universities with positive growth in student enrollment and high rates of student retention are able to provide the best services, programs and resources, which in turn attracts more qualified students and increases the overall profile of the school.

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At Keystone Academic Solutions, we understand that the key to optimal student enrollment and retention starts long before a student applies to a university. Students find programs listed on our intuitive website through non-branded searches, which means that Keystone helps universities connect with qualified students at the earliest stage in their search.

This allows you to connect with your prospective students from the beginning, ensuring that they receive all of the relevant information and support they will need to successfully enroll, matriculate, and eventually graduate from your institution. Keystone’s adaptive enrollment strategies are tailored to the needs of your school. They simplify the student engagement process and help you meet your enrollment goals so that can focus on fostering a long-term relationship with your new students.

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Student Enrollment Marketing for Universities

What is student enrollment marketing and why does it matter? Student enrollment marketing is a collective strategy employed by institutions to attract and engage prospective students, and in today’s fast-paced, global academic environment university marketing strategies have a direct impact on not only enrollment, but recognition and retention. The prospective college students of the twenty-first century are different from earlier generations. They’re highly mobile. They are informed and connected, and they are more aware of (but less susceptible to) traditional marketing strategies. And, now more than ever, potential students expect a personalized, high-value experience. The demands of this new generation of students, both domestic and international, presents university marketing and enrollment departments with diverse challenges as well as exciting opportunities to connect with and explore new prospects. Keystone Academic Solutions is on the frontline of twenty-first century student enrollment marketing. At Keystone we understand that modern enrollment marketing goes beyond recruitment. Our marketing solutions respond to the needs of universities from the identification process straight through to enrollment and retention, and the first step to retention is building a strong relationship with qualified enquiries. With more than ten years in the industry, Keystone Academic Solutions has the insight and experience to help you create and nurture a productive relationship with students. Our marketing solutions invite students to communicate directly with admissions offices, while delivering quality information that helps students engage with your school from the start. We work with you to develop a marketing strategy that will optimize the visibility of your brand and target ideal candidates. Of course, a positive engagement experience with qualified enquiries helps to establish a long-term relationship, but a successful marketing plan also depends on positive conversion rates. Keystone Academic Solution has the highest conversion rates in the industry, and our marketing solutions offer a variety of tools to maximize the potential of your outreach and our strategies concentrate on engaging with students at the earliest stages. We offer integrated analytics that give you the opportunity to identify successful campaigns. Keystone simplifies the marketing process and collects all the information in one easy-access system, allowing your admissions officers to respond quickly and efficiently to qualified students. Keystone’s enrollment marketing optimizes recruitment through design not chance, ensuring the maximum number of qualified enquiries reach the enrollment stage.


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Student Enrollment System for Higher Education 2019

International education is one of the largest and fastest growing economic sectors in the world. Increased access to primary and secondary education, as well as growing wealth and employment opportunities means that the world’s student population is more mobile that it has ever been before, and overseas study now ranks among the most important markers for graduate success. The number of outward-bound students from China has risen to over 700,000 per year, and India is now sending nearly 200,000 students abroad on an annual basis. With numbers like these it’s no wonder that international student recruitment has become a focal point for university admissions offices. International students represent a valuable and dynamic potential for universities, but recruiting students from abroad comes with its own unique challenges. As the demand for international education grows, so do the needs of university admissions offices, and Keystone Academic Solutions has the tools to launch your international student recruitment plan. At Keystone Academic Solutions we understand the complexities of international student recruitment, and with more than a decade of experience our team comes prepared to handle all of your recruitment needs. We provide a recruitment plan custom-made for your individual institution and our system produces the highest conversion rates for qualified enquires at an exceptional value. We tackle the challenges of international student recruitment and address common admissions issues with a multifaceted approach to your marketing and communication. Our tailor-made recruitment system is easy to use and optimized to your enrollment goals. Since 2002, Keystone Academic Solutions has offered a comprehensive approach for international recruitment and admissions that eliminates the hassles associated with international student communication. Keystone’s multilingual strategy means that your school will have maximum exposure in relevant student markets. You can save time and money with our integrated systems that help you target and engage with only the most qualified students, making the admissions workday easier and more efficient. Stop wasting time with unqualified enquiries and let Keystone Academic Solutions do the work for you. We custom-design your recruitment tools so that your admissions personnel will be able to identify potential student markets instantly, streamline the enquiry process and reduce the manual workload. And, most importantly, Keystone’s focus on individualized recruitment plans means that you will be able to concentrate on what really matters: making students’ college dreams become a reality.


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