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Developing technologies and the move towards digital communication has had a direct impact on higher education. Like other sectors, higher education and academia must now operate within an increasingly online environment. Digitalization offers a wealth of opportunities to higher education institutions – online marketing allows schools and universities to reach out to prospective students all around the world and technology makes it easier to communicate directly with potential applicants, process their questions, and identify the most promising queries so that students find the right academic destination and universities enroll the students most likely to succeed.

Of course, digitization comes with its own unique challenges, and for higher education institutions, the most crucial adaptation has been in customer relationship management (CRM). Despite numerous technological innovations within the higher education sector, academic studies remain a thoroughly individual experience and modern students expect to develop a unique relationship with their school. The success of an institution is entirely dependent on the success of its students, and successful students require personal attention and direct communication. But schools also need to increase enrollment and more students mean more relationships to manage.

Higher education CRM systems are not a new development within the academic management sector. Solutions like those offered by Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce help schools manage their institutional relationship with students. CRM plays a vital role in maintaining the reputation and effectiveness of an institution, and there are numerous technology solutions providers that offer CRM systems that are custom-designed for the needs of higher education. But CRM systems are only useful when they produce usable results and Keystone Academic Solutions provides all of the necessary tools to optimize your CRM efforts.

Keystone’s tailor-made student recruitment and management systems operate in tangent with all the leading CRM systems on the market. Whether you have employed Ellucian, Hobsons, Microsoft Dynamics, or Salesforce for your CRM operations, Keystone has a complementary service that will integrate seamlessly with your existing solutions. Additionally, our management systems anticipate changes in student markets and allow you to react with or without an updated CRM solution.

Keystone has been leading the way in student recruitment and marketing for more than a decade. Our system is easy to operate and offers intuitive approaches that work with systems like Hobsons or Ellucian without any hassle. Keystone has completed hundreds of successful integrations that allow schools and universities to maximize the potential of their marketing and CRM efforts. And our multilingual, geo-optimized search results feed directly into the systems you already use, meaning that with Keystone assisting your CRM solutions, your student recruitment, marketing, and management needs are eliminated before they even appear.

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