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Since 2007, Keystone Academic Solutions has been providing higher education marketing to over 1500 partner schools across the world. With 420+ websites in 33 languages, we receive over 6 million visitors every month, potential students seeking a study course or program. 

Originally known as Masterstudies Marketing Group (MMG), we evolved to become Keystone Academic Solutions in 2015 as a reflection of the expansion of our marketing efforts to cover all areas of higher education. In 2020, Keystone now represents eight individual education brands, including Bachelorstudies and Onlinestudies – with more to come in the near future.

Through this expansion, we have a wealth of experience connecting potential students from across the world to our partner schools and universities and have grown to an international team of over 90 employees in Oslo, Norway, representing over 40 nations.

With the release of our SmartHub marketing automation software in late 2017, Keystone has moved into a new era within the education industry – creating software and marketing automation solutions.  Through our partnerships we have identified a need for software solutions that are built with the education industry in mind, not as an afterthought!

Taking the unique challenges of the education industry into account, we have developed a suite of tools designed to make many of the headaches experienced by higher education marketers, administrators and enrollment specialists a thing of the past. 

Watch this space for exciting developments to come!

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Targeted Reach

Student mobility is at an all-time high, with trends pointing towards continued growth and colleges and schools around the world want to attract the best students. Building an international student profile requires a global reach, but your international enrollment goals are unique. Keystone Academic Solutions has global visibility allowing you to build your brand, while our targeted marketing ensures that you reach the students who will succeed in your school. With Keystone you gain maximum exposure in the right regions. Our multilingual websites reach 72 million students each year and our sites generate optimal traffic from all regions of the world. And because students find Keystone through organic searches, our reach in new student markets is always growing. Keystone’s global exposure means that our team can work with you to create a customized package that will fit your outreach goals. Keystone understands the challenges of international student recruitment and we recognize that your enrollment goals are always developing. Whether you want to increase your international enrollments, target more students in a specific region, or expand into new student markets, listing your program with Keystone gives you the reach and traffic tools to meet your goals and find the students who are looking for you. Want even more reach? Read about our High Quality Upgrades.


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Student Enquiry Management

Smart marketing strategies built around your enrollment goals will lead qualified students to your school or university, but you also need the right student enquiry management system to change enquiries into successful enrollments. With an efficient student management system, you can eliminate the daily hassles of analyzing and communicating with potential students, so that you can will allow the right students to identify and connect with the right school and ensures that prospective students have the best possible chance to enroll and, eventually, graduate. Successful students are a university’s most valuable marketing tool, but schools should not rely on prominent alumni as their only marketing strategy. College student demographics are changing rapidly, and higher education marketing needs to be reactive and in touch with current trends. And to do so, you need insight and industry expertise. Keystone Academic Solutions is a world leader in higher education marketing services. Our marketing specialists offer your institution access to more than a decade of experience in digital marketing strategies, and we focus on designing custom marketing plans for every school. Keystone helps you identify potential student markets that will provide your university with the best prospective graduates. Our intuitive marketing tools allow you to create engaging marketing campaigns that draw in the right students for your programs. Most importantly, Keystone works with you. Our advisors are able to anticipate changes in student enrollment and marketing trends, giving your marketing and recruitment efforts an industry-leading edge and boosting your exposure in relevant areas. Schools that work with Keystone attract the most qualified student enquiries because we utilize organic non-branded searches. Students trust our services because they match their needs and interests, which means that when students contact your admissions offices, they are already prepared to enroll. Keystone’s marketing services can be tailored to any institution or budget, and our flexible marketing tools let you control the direction of your campaigns. Whether you want to explore a new geographic market, target specific language groups, or contact students directly about their academic interests, Keystone has the marketing services you need.


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Customized Packages

Keystone Academic Solutions is your full-service higher education marketing and recruitment specialist. We provide you with access to ideal marketing channels through organic, non-branded search results and we deliver the best student enquiries in the sector. With Keystone you will get the global reach you need to achieve your student recruitment and enrollment goals because programs listed on our degree-specific websites are visible in multiple languages throughout the world. Keystone ensures that the right students find you and helps you manage all your qualified enquiries with ease. Keystone has specialized in higher education recruitment and marketing since 2002 and we have the insight and experience to assist institutions of all sizes. Our packages are built to ensure that the varying needs of our customers are met. From smaller institutions to larger universities, Keystone has the right option for you. Our customizable service packages allow you to select the right services for your school, while providing you with full control over all your school’s content on our websites.


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Quality Upgrades

International education is one of the largest and fastest growing economic sectors in the world. Increased access to primary and secondary education, as well as growing wealth and employment opportunities means that the world’s student population is more mobile that it has ever been before, and overseas study now ranks among the most important markers for graduate success. The number of outward-bound students from China has risen to over 700,000 per year, and India is now sending nearly 200,000 students abroad on an annual basis. With numbers like these it’s no wonder that international student recruitment has become a focal point for university admissions offices. International students represent a valuable and dynamic potential for universities, but recruiting students from abroad comes with its own unique challenges. As the demand for international education grows, so do the needs of university admissions offices, and Keystone Academic Solutions has the tools to launch your international student recruitment plan. At Keystone Academic Solutions we understand the complexities of international student recruitment, and with more than a decade of experience our team comes prepared to handle all of your recruitment needs. We provide a recruitment plan custom-made for your individual institution and our system produces the highest conversion rates for qualified enquires at an exceptional value. We tackle the challenges of international student recruitment and address common admissions issues with a multifaceted approach to your marketing and communication. Our tailor-made recruitment system is easy to use and optimized to your enrollment goals. Since 2002, Keystone Academic Solutions has offered a comprehensive approach for international recruitment and admissions that eliminates the hassles associated with international student communication. Keystone’s multilingual strategy means that your school will have maximum exposure in relevant student markets. You can save time and money with our integrated systems that help you target and engage with only the most qualified students, making the admissions workday easier and more efficient. Stop wasting time with unqualified enquiries and let Keystone Academic Solutions do the work for you. We custom-design your recruitment tools so that your admissions personnel will be able to identify potential student markets instantly, streamline the enquiry process and reduce the manual workload. And, most importantly, Keystone’s focus on individualized recruitment plans means that you will be able to concentrate on what really matters: making students’ college dreams become a reality.


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