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Enquiry Management

Smart marketing strategies built around your enrollment goals will lead qualified students to your school or university, but you also need the right student enquiry management system to change enquiries into successful enrollments. With an efficient student management system, you can eliminate the daily hassles of analyzing and communicating with potential students, so that you can concentrate on supporting and cultivating your applicants.

Keystone Academic Solutions provides you with the ideal student management system, making managing and communicating with your enquiries easy, cost-efficient and hassle-free. Our SmartHub ensures that you have access to all the relevant metrics and provides you with up-to-date traffic analytics. SmartHub gives you full control of your student enquires, letting you visualize your marketing strategies, quickly update your programs and school profile, and deal with student enquiries in one convenient, user-friendly system.

Make sure that your successful marketing efforts are not wasted. Choose Keystone’s SmartHub student enquiry management system to simplify your communications and analytics, and spend time focusing on what really matters – turning qualified student inquiries into successful graduates.

"Keystone's Student Enquiry System is a real time-saver. I am only two clicks away from answering potential students with speed and efficiency. The separate categories of "new," "ongoing" and "finished" enquiries help me keep track of all my leads without cluttering up my inbox."

"CERGE-EI has been working with Keystone for 2 years and we truly enjoy both the quantity of leads coming from the site and the quality of customer service. Their internal system allows us to filter the leads and communicate with them in a very convenient way as well as to access the real-time analytics for program performance overview. The multilingual approach makes our study programs visible to students all over the world. In addition, Keystone's managers are absolutely outstanding."

"Keystone has helped us enormously both in international exposure and handling of information requests. The Student Enquiry System is very simple to use and very effective. We are very pleased with the system and highly recommend it, especially for small programs and institutions, where resources are short."