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Reach over 6 million students every month with our global network of 420 websites in 46 languages. Increase your visibility and reach students directly. 

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Reduce your manual workload by up to 70% and increase student engagement with SmartHub marketing automation software. 

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We partner with over 4200 schools and universities worldwide, helping them reach their student recruitment and marketing automation goals. Discover how we can help you to reach your individual program, faculty or university-wide goals today!

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Marketing Automation Software for Higher Ed

A truly global company, we work with universities in over 90 countries. Since 2002, we have led our partners to student recruitment success, helping them reach new markets and increase their student outreach.

In 2018, we expanded our offering to include marketing automation software solutions enabling schools to improve their student engagement strategy and save time on repetitive admin tasks.

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"Keystone has helped us increase our program exposure in international markets. Before advertising on their website, our program was reaching only students from a specific area of the world. Now we are seeing requests for information come in from countries we had never received inquires from. This is really going to help us create a very diverse experience for the students who come into the program."

-Renata Berto, Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies, University of San Diego, USA

"SmartHub has helped the Condé Nast College immensely. As a small team, we’re often overwhelmed by student queries and the automation of this system has helped support our communication with prospective students. The team at Keystone Academic have been so helpful to us and we would strongly recommend the system to any education provider."

-Celeste Good, Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design


“After working with Keystone for several years I consider it to be one of the best investments we’ve ever engaged with at EADA Business School. Their conversion rate from qualified student to enrollment has been satisfactory as well as the ROI. I would also like to mention their high level of customer care and their constant availability when offering customized solutions”

-Bibiana Camba, EADA Business School, Barcelona




"Keystone has provided USF tremendous outreach to international markets that have been previously difficult to reach. In our first year campaign with Keystone, we were excited to receive a significant number of applications from Keystone. The internal interface and traffic reports for university administrators stands well above"

-Mark Landerghini, University of San Francisco

"Keystone is perfect in its purpose of being a bridge between the school and students. I receive many emails every single day. The technology aspect is also perfect. Keystone was very fast in its procedures to put us online. Before I knew it, it was ready to use. The customer service is very professional; everything we ask is immediately considered. We have the same person from the very beginning, sticking with us, fighting with and for us, in a way that we can always use 100% of Keystone ability to put potential students and us face to face. Thank you Keystone, for introducing us to the rest of the world and them to us."

-Rosana Burright, Western Iowa Tech Community College, USA

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