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Student Recruitment

Qualified students are the key to higher education success. Keystone Academic Solutions helps you develop recruitment strategies that will connect you with the most promising students. Students find your school through trusted non-branded search results and our user-friendly recruitment systems and smart recruitment tools make student recruitment easy. Make sure that the right students find your school with Keystone Academic Solutions!

Higher Education Marketing

Higher education marketing is crucial to recruiting and enrolling the right students. Keystone Academic Solutions takes the guesswork out of higher education marketing and ensures that your marketing strategies will connect you with the most qualified students. Keystone makes marketing easy with targeted campaigns and tools that track the success of your custom strategies.

Higher Education CRM

CRM systems help higher education institutions communicate effectively with prospective students. Keystone Academic Solutions’ student recruitment and marketing suites integrate seamlessly with all the leading CRM systems. With or without a higher education CRM, Keystone makes student prospect management easy.

Increase Student Enrollment

The best way to increase student enrollment is to recruit the best students. Keystone Academic Solutions understands how to connect with and recruit the most qualified students, and we help you connect with those students at the earliest point in their higher education search. Our recruitment tools are tailored to your needs and our custom-built packages make it easy for you to meet your enrollment goals.

"Keystone Academic Solutions has provided USF tremendous outreach to international markets that have been previously difficult to reach. In our first year campaign with Keystone, we were excited to receive a significant number of applications from Keystone. The internal interface and traffic reports for university administrators stands well above other lead generation providers."



Marketing Online Degrees: Why You Should Be Looking to Africa

Africa's education landscape is opening up to new providers and new ideas. Students from a broad range of social and economic backgrounds are exploring the new freedoms offered by smart and feature phone technology, with the number of smartphone connections in Africa predicted to almost triple to 720m by the end of 2020. This suggests a range of new opportunities for education marketers. Read on to find out more about the opportunities posed by an increasingly mobile, digital and international Africa.


How to Help Women Reach the Top of Academia

The value of role models is not to be underrated. Surprisingly, only 15% of full professors in European institutions are women, against a female employment rate of 36% working in universities overall. This suggests that if there is already a shortfall of women in academia, much more encouragement is needed to help them rise to the top. Only by working closely side-by-side can male and female academics alike find a fulfilling balance between professional success and family life. Here's a look at how Master's and MBA programs can encourage women to success in and outside of academia.


How to Accelerate the Transformation of Business Education

The ultimate test of the relevance of business education is that the schools themselves should be leading the way to change, producing tomorrow’s leaders of industry, and guiding the conversation on what is necessary and desirable for global prosperity. These are the main aims when we talk about acceleration of the transformation of business education. But what does this mean in practical terms? 

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