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Student Recruitment

Qualified students are the key to higher education success. Keystone Academic Solutions helps you develop recruitment strategies that will connect you with the most promising students. Students find your school through trusted non-branded search results and our user-friendly recruitment systems and smart recruitment tools make student recruitment easy. Make sure that the right students find your school with Keystone Academic Solutions!

Higher Education Marketing

Higher education marketing is crucial to recruiting and enrolling the right students. Keystone Academic Solutions takes the guesswork out of higher education marketing and ensures that your marketing strategies will connect you with the most qualified students. Keystone makes marketing easy with targeted campaigns and tools that track the success of your custom strategies.

Higher Education CRM

CRM systems help higher education institutions communicate effectively with prospective students. Keystone Academic Solutions’ student recruitment and marketing suites integrate seamlessly with all the leading CRM systems. With or without a higher education CRM, Keystone makes student prospect management easy.

Increase Student Enrollment

The best way to increase student enrollment is to recruit the best students. Keystone Academic Solutions understands how to connect with and recruit the most qualified students, and we help you connect with those students at the earliest point in their higher education search. Our recruitment tools are tailored to your needs and our custom-built packages make it easy for you to meet your enrollment goals.

"Keystone Academic Solutions has provided USF tremendous outreach to international markets that have been previously difficult to reach. In our first year campaign with Keystone, we were excited to receive a significant number of applications from Keystone. The internal interface and traffic reports for university administrators stands well above other lead generation providers."



How can universities promote internationalization?

Students and staff, their institutions and the regions in which they are found, all benefit from the practical implementation of an international perspective on postsecondary education. Internationalization is the key to both developing and sustaining programs and institutions, but what is internationalization and how can we make it work in today's market. 

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Education Actors: Keep an Eye on These 4 Countries

Global higher education is always changing. While student mobility continues to increase, the wheres and whys of international student recruitment shift according to international and domestic politics, economic growth and development, and new education technologies and opportunities. Here's a glimpse into some of the factors affecting international student trends and what these student trends could mean for the future of global higher education.

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The Growth of the Higher Education Sector as an Industry: What We Can Learn from Australia

It is not a secret that higher education has become a major economic player in markets around the world. Higher education institutions are driving domestic and international growth in many countries, and nations are actively competing for the growing numbers of mobile students who want to study abroad. Current estimates for student mobility suggest that more than five million students studied outside of their home country between 2014 and 2015, with more students looking abroad for higher education, vocational training, and post-graduate studies. So, where are these students headed and how should countries and institutions prepare for continued growth in student mobility? Australia offers a lesson in capitalizing on global higher education. 

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